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I have always wanted to farm and to be a writer. I have been fortunate enough to be able do both. My writing oportunity came in the form of being a newspaper columnist for nearly four years from 2011 to 2015. The opportunity came about as the result of a snarky article about local-market farming written by the Associated Press that was run by the Culpeper Star-Exponent in April, 2011. Terry and I had just completed our first year of winter farming for Fresh Link when this article appeared, so it really irked me. I am not really sure what the point of the article was, other than to suggest that locally-grown produce is just another passing fad.

I sat down and wrote a reply to the AP making the case for locally-grown produce. My reply to the AP was too long for a normal letter-to-the-editor, so the Star-Exponent upgraded it to an op-ed piece and ran the whole thing. Based pretty much entirerly on that op-ed, the Star-Exponent eventually offered me a weekly column on locally-grown produce. We came to an agreement that August, and in Septetmber the "Fresh & Local" column began. For three and a half years, the column ran every Friday at the bottom of the editorial page.

I thought that I would write the column for maybe six months, and by then I would have exhausted all the subjects of interest to a general audience. I was flat-out wrong about that. I had a whiteboard in my office where I would list all the subjects I needed to cover. Right from the begining, the more I wrote, the more subjects filled the board.

Radio talkshow host Chris Plante says that the most insidious power of the media is the power to ignore. So it is. I saw stories by the Fauquier Free Citizen and the Washington Examiner about how some wealthy aristicracts from Middleburg horse country, along with officials from Fauquier County and the Piedmont Evironmental Council (PEC) land trust all joined forces to drive a small local-market farmer named Martha Boneta off her land.

The stories turned out to be true, but no one but the Fauquier Free Citizen and me followed the story regularly. Martha's plight was completely ignored by all but a handful of other "journalists" - the power to ignore clearly on display. You can begin reading about Martha's battles in column #46.

I mention Martha Boneta because Martha's story is not unique. You can read in these columns about what the EPA did to Andy Johnson and York County did to its oystermen, among many others. Despite Michael Bloomberg's idiotic comments during his brief 2020 Presidential campaign, the reality is that farming is a tough business that requires skills ranging from agronomy and mechanics to finance, the law and internet tech skills. You can think of these columns collectively as a window into our world of issues during the coming-of-age of local-market agriculture.

Update: Martha Boneta filed a $2 million lawsuit against Middleburg realtors Phil and Patricia Thomas accusing them of colluding with PEC to drive her off her land. That lawsuit was settled in May, 2018, and altho the terms of the settlement are sealed, Martha has said, "Justice has been served." Martha also filed a lawsuit against PEC, and as far as I know, that suit is still pending.

-Bryant Osborn

Reply to AP "Locally Grown?" Article, Apr 7, 2011

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