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What's Currently in Season?

Terry spent several days making jams and jellies from our frozen berries and we now have lots!

We have continued to make our fresh homemade pasta.

With the torential rains we have had, our winter spinach is not doiong well. We are going to stop cutting it for now and see if it comes back.


We have our winter leaf lettuce mix. Lettuce is a bit more water tolerant than spinach, so the lettuce looks in good shape.

green leaf lettuce

And we have mesclun greens,but the fields are so muddy we cannot get into the fields to cut them. If you are unfamiliar with mesclun greens, check out that section of our website. Because it is a constantly changing mixture, and many of the mesclun greens are very cold tolerant, and we should have them all winter!

mescluns 3

We also have Toscano kale, which is an Italian heirloom variety, also know as "dinosaur" kale. It is good either raw or cooked. It has a softer texture and milder flavor than the better known curly kales. An essential ingredient in Italian wedding soup, this is kale for people who do not like kale.

Toscano kale


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