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What's Currently in Season?

Over the winter, we always have jams and jellies.

We also have baby spinach, and both green and red leaf lettuce that we have been harvesting since the end of February. They were planted last fall specifically as early spring crops. But this year we have did something different. In order to help the greens along over the winter, we constructed row cover "caterpillar" tunnels over the fall planted spinach and lettuce. The tunnels offer protection from the wind, and raise the temperature under the row covers on sunny days. By raising the temperature, it warms the ground which traps and holds heat over night. All this helps to keep growth going.

3 tunnels

Our caterpillar tunnels. For more information about building caterpillar tunnels, see our "Production" web page.

spinach inside tunnel

Our spinach growing inside a caterpillar tunnel.

lettuce inside tunnel

Our green leaf lettuce growing inside a caterpillar tunnel.

red lettuce inside tunnel

Our red leaf lettuce growing inside a caterpillar tunnel.

open spinach tunnel

Spinach being harvested from an opened tunnel.

Feb planted greens

We also started planting greens in February. This field has 10,000 row-feet of newly planted spinach, green and red leaf lettuce, endive, green and red mizuna, tatsoi, mustard and arugala.

newly planted lettuce

Newly planted red and green leaf lettuce.

our spring salad

Our spring mix lettuce salad with strawberries, almonds, and feta cheese.


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