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Welcome to Corvallis Farms's On-Line Store

The Culpeper Farmers' Market may not start until May, but we are open for business!

Let us warn you about some of the quirks in our on-line store:

When you get to the store's home page, please be sure to press the 'refresh' key. The 'refresh' key asks your web browser to send the most recent version of the web page you are viewing. (The 'refresh' key usually has a circular arrow symbol and is next to the address field.) Our store's home page changes often, and we want you to get the most recent version.

In our on-line store, all the items that are in season are called 'Featured Items'. From the store home page, simply scroll down to see the 'Featured Items'.

The store, sadly, assumes you will pick up your order at our business address, and we cannot change that. While we can arrange for farm pickups, most everyone will undoubtedly want to pick up their orders Saturday mornings in the Town of Culpeper at the parking lot at the corner of East Davis and Commerce Streets from 9:30 - 10:00am. Regardless of what this web site seems to imply, we are going to assume the Saturday morning pick-up-in-town option unless we hear otherwise.

Our pasta options change every week. Sadly again, the only way to see which options are available this week is to click on all eight of the options. If an option is not available this week, the words 'Item unavailable' will appear in red under the street address, the words 'Out of stock' will appear in red under the quantity, and the quantity amount will be a grayed-out '1'. (You would think the quantity would be '0', but that would apparently make too much sense.)

As you might guess, we are unhappy with our current on-line store software vendor (Weebly from Please bear with us as we work on a replacement.

Please be aware that we are unable to give refunds for orders that are not picked-up. If you miss the pick-up, you will have to contact us about scheduling an on-farm pick-up.

See the "What's in Season?" section of this website. We currently have greens, pasta, and jams.

Click here to jump to our on-line store.

We very much appreciate the loyalty and support of all our customers during these trying times!

If you have a problem with the on-line store, or have a question, you can contact us via email at or 540.718.4830